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Garbage Disposal Jammed

 In most cases, garbage disposal  jammed conditions can easily be corrected without having to call on the services of  a plumber. Steps in freeing a jammed garbage disposal:   1.  Turn off power Check to see if the power cord attached to the garbage disposal is plugged into a wall outlet. If so, unplug it.  If [...]

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Replacing Electric Water Heater

Tools and equipment needed: Circuit tester or voltmeter Screw drivers plain and Phillips Pipe joint compound or joint tape Garden hose Appliance dolly  Pipe wrench or channel locks PROCEDURE FOR REPLACING ELECTRIC WATER HEATER:   Removing Old Water Heater   * Turn off power Turn off the power to the water heater at the breaker or fuse [...]

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How To Replace A Toilet

Materials Needed: New toilet, wax ring and silicone sealant Adjustable wrench Sponge Bucket Putty knife Old towel or rag Tape measure Rubber gloves Hack saw Level Utility knife Disposable plastic cup Safety glasses   Knowledge on how to replace a toilet can be gained simply by following the steps below. Procedure:   1. Measure Measure [...]

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Electric Water Heater Not Heating

When an electric water heater fails to heat to its usual temperature, the causes are, in most cases, one of three conditions. Either the heating element, temperature thermostat, or dip tube is not functioning properly.  Each of these components will be discussed in this article providing all the procedures necessary for electric water heater troubleshooting. [...]

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Replacing Toilet Parts

Replacing the major toilet parts is easily accomplished as follows: If you hear sounds of dripping water when you are near the toilet, it is usually because the flush valve, sometimes referred to as flapper valve, is leaking allowing water to leave the tank. When the tank water gets to a certain level, the fill [...]

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