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Fixing Leaking Faucet

  PROCEDURE FOR FIXING LEAKING FAUCET:   REPLACING FAUCET WASHERS Fixing a leaking faucet is relatively easy if the following procedures are followed.  Older Two Handle Faucets Procedure as shown:    The parts in the older faucets that occasionally need to be replaced are the washer, seat and o-rings.  The stem very seldom needs replacement. Shut off water [...]

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Clearing Clogged Drains

In most cases clearing clogged drains can be accomplished without calling a plumber.  Try following the steps below.   1. CLEARING CLOGGED SINK DRAINS   *  Baking soda and vinegar The cause of clogged drains, in most cases, is obstruction in the sink trap.  Try clearing it by pouring a quart of hot water in the [...]

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