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I was a Building Contractor along with owning rental properties where I did most of the repairs myself. Its my pleasure to pass on to you some of the methods I had used in the past. Hopefully, this will save you the expense of hiring a professional to do the work.

Home Maintenance Musts

There are certain home maintenance musts that an owner can perform to prevent failure that may result in costly repair bills. The following is a list of maintenance steps that should be performed  to stay well maintained.

HOME MAINTENANCE MUSTS:6365826_s,home maintenance

1. Replace furnace filters every 6 months or as recommended by the manufacture of the furnace.

2. Vacuum the refrigerator coils at least once a year.

3. Vacuum the clothes dryer output duct, at least once a year for good home maintenance, to remove embedded lint.

4. Check the air conditioner condenser for debris accumulation and clean.

5. Give the garage door opener a safety check occasionally to ensure that it will switch to reverse when obstructed by an  object.

6. Test GFCI outlet monthly with a power tester to make sure the power goes off when pressing the test button.12727260_s,home maintenance

7. Replace the battery in fire alarms when they give the signal the battery is getting weak.

8. Clean walls behind dressers and other furnishings monthly to remove any accumulation of mildew.  Use a good mildew removal product.

9. Check fireplace chimney annually for accumulation of soot and clean if necessary.

10. Replace faucet spout filters yearly.

11. Lubricate all door locks every 6 months with silicone lubricant.

12. Check exterior window frames for cracked or loose sealant once a year.

13. Inspect the roof each spring for cracks in the roofing material or damage of same.

14. Check the water supply hose to the washing machine yearly for cracks and leaks A leaking line could cause extensive damage to the surrounding floor.

15. Inspect the window screens every spring for tears or rips. Since it is an easy job replacing window screen material, it is not necessary to purchase new screens unless the frame is damaged. However, material is available if you would like to make your own screen frame.deck photo 2,home maintenance

16. To continue in good home maintenance, clean and inspect decks for necessary repairs once a year.   Drive in any protruding nails that you find.  Replace any split or rotting boards.

17.  Fill cracks in walks and driveway every year.

18. Clean eavestrough and downspouts

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Home Maintenance Musts

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