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I was a Building Contractor along with owning rental properties where I did most of the repairs myself. Its my pleasure to pass on to you some of the methods I had used in the past. Hopefully, this will save you the expense of hiring a professional to do the work.

Refinishing Decks

deck photo 2,refinishing decks

If the surface is varnished or painted and you would like a stained deck, then the paint or varnish must be removed with paint stripper. Care must be taken by wearing rubber gloves and goggles. Apply the paint stripper in small areas at a time. Allow time for the stripper to loosen the paint, then scrap the loosened finish from the wood. In some areas, you may have to apply the stripper a second time. When finished in an area, rinse off the stripper with a hose while it is still wet.


* Selecting a stain

When selecting a stain for refinishing decks, it is best to choose a stain that has an oil base. Water based stains are easier to work with but will not last as long as an oil based stain. One of the better oil based stains is made by Sikken. It is more costly than most other stains but it will give a much longer life for your deck. Keep in mind that the stain color shown on the brochure or on the can’s label may be different than the actual color of the stain when applied

* Choosing a brush

A good brush selection would be a high quality natural bristle brush which will give a much better flow of stain than a polyester brush when refinishing decks. Also, brushes made in the USA have more quality than China made brushes. Use the brush only for the hand rails and trim boards when refinishing a deck. A flat paint pad applicator does a better job on the deck boards than a brush and covers more quickly.

* Tip to remember when applying stain

1. Allow deck to dry for a least 2 days before applying stain. Any moisture in the wood pores will prevent proper absorption of the stain.

2. Avoid using varnish or polyurethane stain since they will deteriate under the sun’s rays.

3. Use a solid opaque stain if you desire a paint like finish. Do not use paint.

4. Use only water repellant stain. If you desire for the wood grain to show , use a good quality oil based penetrating semi-transparent stain.

5. When refinishing decks, begin with the hand rails followed by the deck boards.

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Refinishing Decks

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