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I was a Building Contractor along with owning rental properties where I did most of the repairs myself. Its my pleasure to pass on to you some of the methods I had used in the past. Hopefully, this will save you the expense of hiring a professional to do the work.

Replacing Toilet Fill Valve

Fill Valve Installation:toilet fill valve most popular

If you notice that you can hear water running in the toilet tank after having replaced the flush valve, the fill valve either needs adjusting or replacing.  Try adjusting the valve with the adjusting device on the valve assembly.    If you still have a problem after an adjustment was made, you will have to replace the valve. There are various types of fill valves.  The removal and installation procedure is the same for all types .

1. Remove tank lid

2. Turn off water supply

Turn off the water supply valve located at the wall below the left side of the toilet tank. Turn the valve completely clockwise.  Now hold down the flush lever until most of the water leaves the tank

3. Remove the water supply line from the fill valve shaft

Prior to removing the supply line, place a container under the toilet tank to catch any water remaining in the tank. Next, unscrew the hex nut on the supply line where attached at the bottom of the tank.

4. Loosen and remove valve shaft nut

The shaft nut is located on the bottom exterior of the tank at the water supply line.

5. Lift out valve

Grasp the valve at the inside of the tank and lift out.

6. Install new fill valve

Make sure the rubber seal is on the bottom of the valve shaft.  Insert the valve in the opening in the tank and secure it with the fastening nut.  Tighten the nut finger tight with an additional quarter turn with the channel locks.

7. Re-attach water supply line

8. Turn on water

9. Adjust water level

Follow the instructions that came with the new valve for making the proper adjustment.

10. Replace tank lid


If all the above steps on how to replace the fill valve are followed along with replacing the flush valve if necessary, the toilet should now be operating efficiently.

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Replacing Toilet Fill Valve

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