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I was a Building Contractor along with owning rental properties where I did most of the repairs myself. Its my pleasure to pass on to you some of the methods I had used in the past. Hopefully, this will save you the expense of hiring a professional to do the work.

About Wood Uses


alder tree 2ALDER

Since Alder is a hardwood, it is used in making furniture, cabinets, and other woodworking products.  Alder is also used in the maufacture of electric guitars because of its tight and even balanced tone.



aspen treeAspen

Aspen wood is soft but strong. It is used in making matches and paper due to its low flammability making it safer to use than most other woods. Shredded aspen is used for packing and stuffing. Aspen is used in animal bedding since it lacks the phenols found in pine and juniper which is known to cause repiratory ailments in animals.


ash treeAsh

Ash, being a hard wood, is used in the manufacture of baseball bats, bows, arrows and tool handles.




balsa woodBalsa

Balsa wood is noted to be the strongest wood for its weight. Pound for pine it is stronger than hickory, pine or oak. This wood has a major use in model building because of both its weight and strength.



birch treesBirch

Birch plywood is one of the most strongest and stable plywoods having an attractive grain pattern. Because of its attractive figuring, it is highly used for veneer and furniture making.



cherry treeCherry

This wood is very popular in cabinet making due to its strength, fine texture and ease of workability. Over a period of time, the wood takes on a favorable reddish brown color even though it has a pale color when first cut. Other typical uses of birch are in the making of furniture, veneer, intarsia, and interior millwork



cedar treeCedar

Since cedar has a high resistance to decay and insects, it is commonly used for roofing shingles, fencing and outdoor furniture. It is easy to work with, highly durable, absorbs sound effectively, and does not burn rapidly, making it a desirable wood in the building industry.



cypress treesCypress

Cypress is lightweight, durable and doesn’t leak sap. In addition, it takes paint, stain and sealer well. Due to this,along with it’s attractive color, it is appealing to carpenters and artists. Oil from the tree is used for shampoo and beauty products.



elm treesElm

Elm was a preferred wood in ship building because it bends well and distorts easily making it quite pliant. The wood is resistant to decay when permanently wet making it a favored wood in the construction of water pipes during the mideval period in Europe. The piers of the original London Bridge was constructed using elm wood.                   Elm trees became a popular shade tree planted along city streets. They were very suitable for city use since the trees are tolerant to air-pollution and the dropped leaves decompose in a short time. The elm is strong, being able to tolerate high winds, and requires minimal pruning.

fir treeFir

Fir has no resistance to insects and decay making it suitable only for indoor construction such as wall studs. It is also used in the manufacture of plywood. Used outdoors, fir has a life expectancy of only 12 to 18 months.



mahogany treeMahogany

Mahogany has excellent workability with a fine and even grain making it favorable in cabinet building. It is also very durable and attractive having a reddish sheen when polished. It is now also used in the manufacture of guitars due to its ability to produce a deep, warm tone surpassing the tones of other woods. Mahogany’s resistance to rot made it a desirable material in boat construction when wood boats were in use.


maple treeMaple

A common use of maple wood is in the manufacturing of baseball bats and archery bows due to its stiffness and strength. Maple has a grading scale from common #2 which is unselected and used for craft wood, common #1 used in commercial and residential building, clear and select grade used mostly in fine woodworking. Maple also has a long history of use in furniture making.                                      Maple is considered a tonewood, carrying sound waves well. The backsides and neck of most violins, violas, cellos and double basses are made from maple. Maple is also used in the manufacturing of basoons, other woodwind instruments and drums.

oak treeOak

Due to its hardness, oak is used extensively in furniture making and flooring. Oak is also used in barrel making for wine giving the wine different tones and flavors depending on the type of oak used.



pine treePine

Pine wood is used mainly in furniture making, window frames, paneling, roofing and floors. Many species of pine are attractive ornamental plantings for parks and large gardens. Pines are also commercially grown for Christmas trees. Pine needles are used for making decorative baskets, trays, pots, etc.                                      Pine, like fir, having no resistance to insects or decay, is used generally for indoor construction.


spruce treeSpruce

Spruce has a range of uses from general construction work, building of crates, and manufacture of musical instruments, including guitars, mandolins,cellos, violins, and piano and harp soundboards. It has also been used for years in the pape industry because of the wood has long fibers which bond together making strong paper.


poplar treedPoplar

The wood is used mainly in manufacture of paper, pallets, inexpensive plywood, matches and skateboards.

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About Wood Uses

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